“Revelation Through Technology: The Resurrection of John Lennon’s Voice in ‘Now And Then'”

Crafting the Last Chapter of the Beatles' Legacy with AI and Artistic Devotion
  1. Unearthing Forgotten Gems:
    • “Now And Then” emerges from the vault of unreleased demos penned by the legendary John Lennon, a collection that also spawned the acclaimed songs “Free As a Bird” and “Real Love” in the mid-1990s.
  2. Unfinished Symphony:
    • Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison embarked on crafting “Now And Then” during the same prolific sessions, but encountered technological roadblocks that prevented its completion.
  3. The AI Miracle:
    • Director Peter Jackson harnessed the power of artificial intelligence, using cutting-edge algorithms to meticulously “separate” John Lennon’s original vocals from a 1970s piano track, resulting in remarkably clear vocals.
  4. Resurrecting the Essence:
    • The revitalized track pays homage to Lennon’s indelible influence, as George Harrison’s guitar recordings from nearly three decades ago find a poignant new context within the composition.
  5. A Symphony of Tribute:
    • Ringo Starr contributes a fresh drum part that harmonizes with Paul McCartney’s bass, piano, and a heartfelt slide guitar solo—a touching tribute to George Harrison, whose legacy endures despite his passing in 2001.
  6. Harmonizing Legacies:
    • McCartney and Starr’s harmonies echo the timeless camaraderie and musical synergy that defined the Beatles, reminding us that their legacy transcends time.


“Now And Then” stands as a testament to the enduring power of artistic collaboration and technological innovation. Through the harmonious efforts of Peter Jackson and AI, John Lennon’s voice has been resurrected, allowing the Beatles to weave their final chapter. With contributions from McCartney, Starr, and a poignant tribute to George Harrison, this track encapsulates the essence of the Beatles’ legacy, proving that their music continues to inspire and resonate across generations. In the digital age, the Beatles’ journey persists, reminding us that innovation can breathe new life into cherished memories.

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