Jung Kook Shines Bright: A Double Triumph on Billboard’s Pop Airplay Chart

Celebrating the Unprecedented Success of BTS's Talented Singer

In the dynamic world of music, achieving significant recognition on Billboard’s Pop Airplay chart is a coveted feat. It’s even more exceptional when accomplished by a South Korean artist. Jung Kook, a prominent member of the globally acclaimed group BTS, has not only secured a spot on this prestigious chart but has managed a rare double presence, showcasing his immense talent and universal appeal.

  1. Unprecedented Double Feat:
    • Jung Kook, a revered member of BTS, has achieved an extraordinary milestone on Billboard’s Pop Airplay chart.
    • Both of his solo singles, “3D” with Jack Harlow and the previous hit “Seven,” have garnered significant success, a rare achievement for any artist.
  2. “3D” Ascends to New Heights:
    • The collaborative single “3D” with Jack Harlow continues its upward trajectory, reaching an impressive position at No. 30 on the chart.
    • This remarkable climb demonstrates the song’s enduring popularity and its resonance with audiences in the U.S.
  3. “Seven” Leaves a Lasting Impact:
    • Jung Kook’s previous smash hit, “Seven,” which once dominated the Hot 100, continues to make its mark on the Pop Airplay chart.
    • Despite a slight dip in position from No. 25 to No. 35, the song’s presence showcases its enduring appeal and the artist’s ability to create music that resonates.
  4. Charting New Territories:
    • The success of Jung Kook’s solo ventures highlights the expanding influence of South Korean artists in the global music industry.
    • His achievements serve as an inspiration and a testament to the power of transcendent music that transcends borders.
  5. Acknowledging Talent and Artistry:
    • Jung Kook’s presence on the Pop Airplay chart underscores his exceptional vocal prowess and songwriting abilities.
    • It also celebrates the collective talent of BTS, who continue to redefine the boundaries of global music.


Jung Kook’s exceptional achievement on Billboard’s Pop Airplay chart is a testament to his undeniable talent and the universal language of music. His dual presence with “3D” and “Seven” signifies not only a personal triumph but also a milestone for South Korean artists worldwide. This accomplishment cements Jung Kook’s place as a musical powerhouse and leaves fans eagerly anticipating his future contributions to the world of music.

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