Apollo CEO Marc Rowan Takes a Stand: Calls for Change at University of Pennsylvania

A Call to Action in Protest of Alleged Anti-Semitism

In a bold move, Apollo CEO Marc Rowan has called upon University of Pennsylvania donors to express their discontent with the current state of affairs at the esteemed institution. Rowan’s impassioned plea centers on his belief that change is needed in the university’s leadership to combat alleged instances of anti-Semitism.

The Call to Action:

Rowan urges fellow UPenn alumni and supporters to temporarily withhold their regular contributions and, instead, send just one dollar to the university. This symbolic gesture is intended to send a powerful message, underlining the demand for change.

The Allegations:

At the heart of Rowan’s call for action are allegations of a permissive attitude towards anti-Semitic sentiments within the university. He specifically points fingers at Elizabeth Magill, the university’s president, and Scott Bok, chair of its board of trustees, asserting that their leadership has failed to adequately address these concerns.

University’s Response:

In response to Rowan’s call for change, Julie Platt, vice chair of UPenn’s board of trustees, voiced her support for Magill and Bok. She emphasized the university’s commitment to combat anti-Semitism and expressed confidence in the current leadership’s ability to lead the institution forward.

The Broader Implications:

Rowan’s call for change at UPenn raises critical questions about the role of leadership in addressing sensitive issues within academic institutions. It also highlights the power of collective action among alumni and supporters in influencing the trajectory of a university.


The impassioned plea from Apollo CEO Marc Rowan serves as a poignant reminder of the capacity for individuals to effect change within the institutions they hold dear. As the UPenn community navigates this period of introspection, the outcome will undoubtedly shape not only the university’s future but also the broader discourse on leadership and accountability in academia.

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